[[Saw outrageous of the Islamic countries]] | editor-in-chief of adventure

Listen to the experts, the aim of the [Islamic State] ruins ... [[Saw outrageous of the Islamic countries]] Articles of such title, had come out in yesterday's [red flag]. Mr. Eiko Tamamoto is based in the Kurdish area of ​​northern Iraq is the interview to the (video journalist). Recently, Toka commentary article Toka commentary book about the Islamic country attaches to the eye. So, although the political background Toka holds you well known, this article has been written squeezed in the title as [outrageous], was a very real thing. Mainly, it is the actual situation of the persecution of the Islamic countries was placed under the control [Yajidi Muslim]. I Yajidi teaching, but became famous among the recent movement of Islamic countries, that of minority religious tradition Zoroastrianism Toka Christianity, the Islam of the flow, now, about the center of the Iraq northwestern 0 million people is so live. Islamic countries Wait have persecuted this as [heresy], seems momentum, such as to kill. Pull the man and woman, woman only taken to the school building of the school.

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